The Scoop on Trans Fats

Trans fats are the worst type for your health. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.

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Is Butter Back or Not?

Butter has been in and out of the health good books. What does the latest science say about this saturated fat?

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How to Critically Examine Food Fads and Fears

Health headlines flip-flop every few years: Cholesterol is evil! Low fat diets are the answer! Butter is back! High fat diets are the answer! Learn how to separate hype from reality.

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Baby Food Pouches, Squeezies, and Squishies: Too Good to be True?

In the last decade, baby food aisles have quietly undergone a transformation. They are now dominated by a product that didn’t exist a few short …

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Fishing for Omega-3s: Seeds & Seas

You have probably heard of essential amino acids, but did you know that certain fats are also essential ? These essential fatty acids must come from …

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Get Your Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3s) from Seeds & Seas

  Join Dr. Davis for a seaside chat about getting enough essential fatty acids – those that we must get from our diets. Omnivores and …

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Three Myths About Organic Food

Your mom was right when she told you to eat your veggies. Around the world, we are failing to heed this advice, and paying for …

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Reality Check: You Aren’t as Objective as You Think.

When is the last time you, or someone you know, changed their stance on a strongly held belief? If your answer is “ummm…. good question, …

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Soy: To Fear or Not to Fear?

A dear friend of mine, who happens to be a cancer survivor, loves soy lattes, yet is afraid to indulge. Why? Like many cancer survivors, …

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Four Good Reasons to Embrace Soy (Not Just for Hippie Vegans)

Whenever someone tells me that they avoid soy, I cringe. Why? Because they are missing out — not just tastewise, but also nutritionally and environmentally. Soy may actually …

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Three Truths and a Lie About Sugar

Is sugar really toxic? Are you confused about “good carbs” versus “bad carbs”? In this article, sugar speaks for herself in a game of “three …

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The Potato Paradox: What Coke and Potatoes Have in Common

A woman ate a mouthful of sugar (glucose) but her sweet tooth registered zero. How did she do this? Keep scrolling for answer……Answer: she ate …

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