About Dr. Chana Palmer Davis

Dr. Chana Davis at work: one of her happy places.

Photo: Gail Ingemaarsen (Liitehaus)

Chana Davis, PhD is a scientist and mother of three who is passionate about the science of healthy eating: what to eat, why to eat it, and how to enjoy it.

She spent the first chapter of her career in biomedical research completing a PhD in genetics at Stanford, researching cancer at the Canary Foundation and Genentech, and translating personalized medicine strategies at Genome BC, before shifting her focus towards plant-based nutrition. [More: Linked In]

Chana Founded Fueled by Science in 2018 as a platform to show others how to thrive on, and truly enjoy, a diet focused on plants. Chana provides science-based nutritional insights and empowers consumers to make smart, economical choices at every opportunity: the grocery store, the coffee shop, cooking dinner, packing lunches… and more.).

Her recipes are plant-based, simple, delicious, and kid-approved, thanks to her live-in testers (twin girls age 4, boy, age 8).


Disclaimer: This Site Is Not Intended To Provide Medical Advice. Dr. Chana Davis is a PhD scientist, not a physician nor A dietician.

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