About Dr. Chana Palmer Davis

The idea for Fueled by Science came from a desire to help friends and family who wanted to change their diets but didn’t know how. Some sought to eat less meat or less dairy, while others simply wanted to “eat healthier”. Some wanted little tweaks, others wanted total transformations. Yet, more often than not, they didn’t know who to believe or how to get started.

It can be overwhelming to try to navigate the vast sea of conflicting nutritional advice, especially when you already have a full, busy life. Even for someone fluent in the language of science, it takes a lot of time and effort to separate fact from fiction.

My core values

  1. Be Honest. I strive to deliver science-based recommendations (see Value 2!), but personal biases may enter – such as a bias against animal products (though health trumps this bias). Transparency is #1.
  2. Be Science-Driven. I pride myself on being data-driven in my personal decisions as well as in my advice to others. My opinions cannot be bought!
  3. Be a Role Model. I prioritize good health in my life and that of my children. I aim for plenty of sleep, regular vigorous (and fun!) exercise and a diet focused on whole, plant-based foods. I also strive to keep stress in check. At the same time, I am a proponent of little cheats that make your life easier and bring you pleasure.

My journey

I have always been full of questions and drawn to science to help answer them…

As a young girl, I loved any kind of puzzle or mystery, and aspired to become a detective. I later dreamt of becoming a geneticist who would unlock the mysteries of DNA. Chasing this dream led me from rainy Vancouver, BC to sunny Stanford, CA where I completed a PhD in genetics. I spent the next decade immersed in cancer research and personalized medicine before changing directions.

My early career was focused on cancer research and personalized medicine. Working with the Canary Foundation, Genentech, and Genome BC, I witnessed the rocky road of translational science (moving from discovery research through to practical medical advances). It was sobering to see how often a very promising candidate drug or diagnostic failed in pivotal human trials. Check out my Linked In profile to learn more about my professional and academic experience.


After turning forty (and welcoming my second and third children into the world), I changed directions and pursued my passion for helping others thrive on a plant-rich diet.  My youngest child, Fueled by Science, was born in the spring of 2018. 

Thank you for joining me and my family in this chapter of my journey. 

Stay in touch and stay tuned!

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Chana Palmer Davis

Disclaimer: I am neither a physician nor a dietician. As a PhD scientist my strength is in interpretation of scientific findings (or lack thereof!). This site is not intended to provide medical advice.