About Dr. Chana Palmer Davis

Chana Davis, PhD is a scientist and mother who loves helping people use science to navigate their daily lives.

She founded Fueled by Science in 2018 to share digestible science and credible resources, and to teach others how to think like a scientist. Dr. Davis covers a wide range of topics, from food, to toxins, public health, disease prevention and sustainability.

Chana is also passionate about helping others dial up the plants on their plate. She debunks common myths around plant-based diets, highlights exciting new plant-based alternatives (like plant-based burgers), and shares some of her family’s favourite recipes. Her plant-based recipes are family-friendly and tested by her hubby and three young (vegetarian) kids.

Prior to founding Fueled by Science, Dr. Davis was immersed in biomedical research. She completed her PhD in genetics at Stanford, then worked at the Canary Foundation, Genentech, and Genome BC. During this time, she developed expertise in genetics, genomics, personalized medicine, biomarkers, diagnostics and the human microbiome [More: Linked In]

Disclaimer: The information on this website should not be taken as medical advice. Dr. Chana Davis Is A PhD Scientist, not a physician nor a registered dietician.

Photo Credit: Maria-Asselin Roy

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