About Dr. Chana Palmer Davis

Chana Davis, PhD is a scientist and mother of three who who loves helping others to discover and enjoy a healthy diet, rich in delicious, nutritious plants.

Chana is equally passionate about empowering others to make food choices from a place of knowledge rather than rooted in fear or hype. 

She spent the first chapter of her career in biomedical research completing a PhD in genetics at Stanford, researching cancer at the Canary Foundation and Genentech, and translating personalized medicine strategies at Genome BC, before shifting her focus towards the science of healthy eating. [More: Linked In]

Chana founded Fueled by Science in 2018 to share science-based information and plant-based inspiration from her family’s kitchen. Her recipes are plant-based, simple, delicious, and kid-approved, thanks to her live-in testers (twin girls age 4, boy, age 8).

Disclaimer: The information on this website should not be taken as medical advice. Dr. Chana Davis Is A PhD Scientist, not a physician nor a registered dietician.

Photo Credit: Gail Ingemaarsen (Liitehaus)

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