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Hi! I’m Chana, founder of Fueled by Science.

I want to help you fuel your body and your kids well, using science as your guide.  I serve up digestible science-based nuggets and simple, healthy recipes. 

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Chana Davis, PhD

These Not Just Morning Glory muffins score high on the “more please” scale thanks to their moist, fluffy texture, and slightly sweet, fruity taste. . They are glorious not just at breakfast, but also at recess, at afternoon tea, on the way to sports practice… you name it! . Unlike most "naked cupcakes" found in the pastry case, I feel good about serving – and eating – these muffins regularly. They provide a balanced mix of fiber-rich slow carbs thanks to the whole grain flour and oats, along with satisfying unsaturated fats and a bit of protein. . For extra kicks, top with your favourite nuts, or keep them school with a little shredded coconut. . Consider making a double batch and storing some in the freezer. You will be glad you did. . Credit to @minimalistbaker for the original recipe. I made only a few minor tweaks – dialing back the added sugars and ramping up the whole grains. Most of the sweetness comes from the intact sugars in bananas, apples, and carrots. . . Recipe on website – link in bio. . . . #fueledbyscience #veganbaking #healthybaking #healthymuffins #dairyfreebaking #healthykidsfood #healthykidsnacks #healthysnacks #morningglory #veganmuffins #plantbasedtreats #healthykidsrecipes

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Red meat is back in the news. Is it healthy? Harmful? Harmless? Let’s dive into the research that lies beneath the headlines… . In many ways, the results of the latest studies (a set of 5 meta-analyses) are familiar. Those who consumed more red meat fared worse across the board. This was true of overall death rate, cardiovascular deaths, and type 2 diabetes. . Cancer, on the other hand did not play out as many expected. There was a link between processed meat and cancer mortality, but not with cancer incidence, or with colorectal cancer, the type that has previously been most strongly linked to cancer. . Despite the usual trends, the authors concluded that there was no need to advise the public to reduce red meat. Why not? . In short, they felt that: 1) the quality of the evidence was too low to draw firm conclusions; 2) IF there is a benefit to reducing red meat, then it's relatively small. . I agree that the evidence is far from rock solid. It’s rooted in observational studies, which are notoriously fallible. . At the same time, the study did not cover the full story, including mechanistic data, which bolsters the case for caution, while leaving considerable uncertainty. This was not an error, it was simply a matter of scope. . As for magnitude of effect, it’s a personal choice whether or not a potential 10% risk reduction is worth changing your diet for. The numbers are indeed far from staggering in absolute terms (e.g. 4% risk vs 3.6%). . Clearly, we should not expect a major health transformation from simply cutting back on red meat. A slightly lower disease risk? Maybe…depending on dose, processing, cooking and what you eat instead. . If nothing else, this brouhaha reminds us to focus more on healthy dietary patterns and less on heroes and villains. We must be leery of quick fixes (like cut out food X) and heed stronger risk factors like: smoking, alcohol, obesity, stress, sleep, and activity. . PS I’m purposely ignoring the elephant in the room – that our food choices don’t just impact our health. . Full article on . . . #fueledbyscience #nutritionnews #nutritionalscience #healthnews

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Peanut butter toast is a staple in our home. It’s quick, tasty, and nourishing. But wait…carbs?!!. . I used to be leery of all carbs, including whole grains and fruit. Then I did my research. I'm still mindful of added sugars and refined grains, but I now embrace fruits and whole grains as part of a balanced diet. PB&J is just the beginning… . Four reasons I love PB&J: 1. It's a 2 minute meal, with simple low-cost ingredients. 2. It tastes good, and requires no prodding to get my kids to eat it. 3. It scores well on my "heroes" nutrient list (energy, fiber, protein). 4. It scores well on my "villains" nutrient list (added sugars, excessive sodium)* I don't truly believe in "villains", but less is more for these guys. Everything in moderation! . Our typical "recipe" is: – 2 slices of whole grain toast – 1 Tbsp peanut butter (unsweetened, salt-free) – 2 tsp jam (store bought or chia) . To spice things up consider these "bonus toppings": cinnamon, seeds (flax, hemp, chia), nuts (walnuts, pecans). Or, try a hint of agave instead of jam, and top with fresh fruit. . Skeptical that this gets the job done nutritionally? Check out my nutritional report card, framed by rough daily targets for my kids. . ♥️Calories: 300 [Age 8: ~1600 cals. Age 3: ~1200 cals] ♥️Protein: 11g [Age 8: 30-48 grams. Age 3: 18-24 grams] ♥️Fiber: 6g [Age 8: Min 24 grams. Age 3: Min 17 grams.] I hear the gut bugs cheering! ⚠️Added sugars: 5g [Max 25 grams per day for kids] ⚠️Sodium: 150 mg [Age 8: 500-2300 mg; Age 3: 500-1500 mg] *One tsp salt is 2,300 mg. . NB: Added sugars = any caloric sweetener, including natural ones like maple syrup, agave, and honey. It DOES NOT include sugars in whole fruits because they are still intact, and don't tend to be associated with the same risks (likely due to better glycemic profile and lesser propensity to overeat). . . 📸@thisfruitylife ♥️ . #fueledbyscience #peanutbuttertoast #goodcarbs #carbsaregood #kidsnutrition #healthykidsfood #healthykidsmeals #healthybreakfast #slowcarb #highfibre

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Are you a protein pushing parent? I have good news: getting enough protein is easier than you think. . How much protein do kids need? . The answer depends on body weight and growth needs. Our bodies need protein to keep each cell humming and to replace daily loses. During times of growth (or repair) we need extra protein to build new tissues. . The official North American protein guidelines for minimum daily intakes are: * Infants (0-1): 1.5 grams per kg body weight * Toddlers (age 1-3): 1.1 grams per kg body weight * Kids (ages 4-13): 0.95 grams per kg body weight * Teens (age 14-18): 0.85 grams per kg body weight . How sure are we about these numbers? . Moderately. They were obtained by taking adult estimates and bolstering them to account for growth needs. The adult estimates are based on a meta-analysis of studies using the most common technique: Nitrogen Balance. It's not a perfect method but we have a good handle on its limitations. . Thankfully, Mother Nature provides a reassuring reality check: Breast milk serves up ~ 8% of calories from protein, and translates to about 1.5 g/kg body weight. The longest lived humans consume about 10% calories from protein. . Given all this, I aim for between the official min and a generous 1.5 g/kg. . For example: . A) One year old: 10 kg (22 lbs) * 10 kg x 1.5 g/kg = 15 grams / day ** Energy: ~7% of calories . B) Three year old girls: 16 kg (35 lbs) * Low bar: 16 kg x 1.1 g/kg = 18 grams / day * High bar: 16 kg x 1.5 g/kg = 24 grams / day ** Range: ~ 6%-9% of calories . C) Eight year old boy: 32 kg (70 lbs) * Low bar: 32 kg x 0.95 g/kg = 30 grams / day * High bar: 32 kg x 1.5 g/kg = 48 grams / day ** Range: ~8-12% of calories . My kids tend to easily hit the high bar targets thanks to whole grains, legumes, veggies, nuts, and seeds. Stay tuned for deliciously simple examples from my family. . Still unsure? Here is how NOT to get enough protein. Bad idea… . 1. Eat only low protein foods: fruits, refined grains, and fried foods. Avoid protein rich foods (see @canadafoodguide ) 2. Don’t eat enough food overall. . Three cheers for less stress at the family table! . Check out @fitasamamabear podcast for more! .

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The secret to this simple yet exotic creamy lentil soup lies in the magical mix of warming spices (cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric) and rich coconut milk. . This steaming deliciousness found its way into our tummies and our recipe box thanks to my mom, who rivals me in her love of soups. We were both pleasantly surprised when all three of my kids embraced it. The same story repeated itself when my sister in law served it to her little ones in Berlin. . It's hearty enough to make for a full meal solo, but a thick slice of whole grain bread really rounds things out. For an even heartier meal, thicken it by scrimping on the broth, and ladle atop rice. Tip: If you want to elevate to new heights, try grinding fresh herbs. . 📸 @abeautifulplate Recipe adapted from @abeautifulplate (just minor tweaks to veganize and simplify)- thank you for sharing! See my bio for link. . . . #fueledbyscience #lentilsoup #veganmeals #easyveganmeals #easyvegandinner #plantbasedrecipes #easyplantbasedmeals #plantsaredelicious #lentillove

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Thanks to 8 weeks of intermittent fasting, my favourite old jeans are back! . Hubby and I followed Jimmy Kimmel’s lead and tried 5:2 intermittent fasting (2 fast days and 5 regular days per week). We don’t normally take advice from celebrities but this diet is backed my human trials and has a sound mechanism – caloric restriction. . This may sound like an extreme solution to weight management, but when you consider how humans have historically eaten, and the more extreme fasting we can handle, this diet looks rather tame. . Eight weeks in, we are both fitting the clothes we donned decades ago when we fell in love in the computer lab. In my case…literally! We both found it easier than we expected. . Make no mistake, there is no such thing as a magical diet. They all work primarily by altering your energy balance, usually by limiting calorie intake. Intermittent fasting is no exception. Yes, macros and other factors play a role, but calories are king (and queen). . While I am excited to share our success story, part of me worries about reinforcing a focus on quick fixes rather than long term, sustainable healthy eating. . Ideally, instead of losing weight by “dieting” we should address any habits that brought us to a place where we want to lose weight. I urge you to be brutally honest with yourself about what those habits are for you and what you can do about them. For me, it’s the many mindless bites that fly into my mouth throughout the day and the overly generous dinner portions, not the “treats”. . I continue to work on these habits. At the same time, I feel good using tricks like intermittent fasting – with my eyes wide open. By undereating periodically, I buy myself some flexibility, and still get to wear my favourite old jeans. It’s a trade off that works for me, but is definitely not for everyone. . Check out my full article to learn more. I outline our plan, share our experience candidly, and give lots of tips. I also touch on safety and contraindications. . . . #fueledbyscience #intermittentfasting #52fastdiet #52fasting #weightlossjourney #weightlossdiet #weightlosstips #caloriedeficit #caloriesincaloriesout #babyweight #babyweightloss #last5pounds

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It’s fun to believe in fairies and unicorns and leprechaun detox smoothies. 🦄 . When a glossy celebrity reveals her 10 day plan for total transformation, it’s tempting to “give it a shot”. . When a random food blogger reveals hidden toxins in your food, it’s tempting to “play it safe”. . Yet, magic doesn’t deliver real, lasting results. Even the mysterious placebo is usually transient. . If you want to empower yourself to be a smarter consumer, one that sweats the right stuff, not the small stuff, choose science, not magic. . If you want to immunize yourself against snake oil salesmen and fearmongers, choose science, not magic. . It takes humility, patience, and perseverance to live in here, but it’s a wonderful world. The weather is a bit grey (never black and white), but the illuminating moments are worth it.🌞 . Welcome to the world of science! . Science geeks unite! @foodsciencebabe @peterattiamd @thenutritional_advocate @precisionnutrition @examinedotcom @scimoms @caulfieldtim . #sciencegeek #geekette #nutritionnerd #evidencebasednutrition #evidencebased #sciencemom #sciencenotmagic #fightthefearmongering #stopthefearmongering #factsnotfear #teamscience

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When the temperature begins to drop, I hear my soup pot calling. When your pot calls out, fill it with this hearty Tuscan white bean soup with mouthwatering layers of garlic, onion, miso, and rosemary (one of my fave herbs). . Savour a bowl as a light lunch, or let it take center stage in a satisfying soup and salad dinner. Don't forget the crusty whole wheat bread: one slice plain and another with avocado for my jungle boy. . Tip: blend it fully for any texture sensitive diners. . Who doesn't love a one-pot meal that's both delicious and (shh…) nutritious?! . Besides the great taste, one of the best things about this soup is the fiber content. At 12 grams per modest (1 cup) serving, my kids can get a whole day's worth of fiber from a generous cup of soup and a slice of whole wheat bread. A single cup gets me half day's worth of fiber, and you can bet I'll be having seconds. . I've said it once and I'll say it again. Fiber is one of the most important, yet neglected nutrients in North America. Most Americans only consume half of their daily target. Aim for ~25 g for women and ~38 g for adult men. If this sounds like a lot, consider the fact that your way-back ancestors were knocking back closer to 100 grams per day! . Recipe is now added to my recipe box – check out to browse my family's fave soups! . Credit for both photo and recipe to @cilantro_and_citronella . Thank you! Hats off to our supernanny Paula for rocking this soup on the first attempt. We have had many variations of this soup over the years and they are all winners so pick one and get cooking! . . . #fueledbyscience #soup #veganrecipes #vegansoup #vegansoups #dairyfreesoup #easyhealthymeals #onepotmeal #highfiberdiet #highfiber #fiberfoods #plantbasedrecipes

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