The Real Reason I Exercise

Every fitness junkie that I know shares the same secret — they exercise as much — or more — for their state of mind as for their body. Yet, for so many others, getting active sits on their list of “shoulds” rather than their list of “wants”.

What’s going on? It struck me that exercise has a marketing problem.

We are constantly reminded of why we “should” exercise — for weight loss, for heart health, for stronger bones, fewer injuries, and more. These benefits share a common feature — they accrue slowly over weeks, months, and years. To make matters worse, we are told that we must sweat it out multiple hours a week to reap them. No wonder this sounds like a chore!

Instead, why not focus on the“feel good” benefits of excercise?

These benefits are freely available, with no prior experience required, and can be reaped immediately, from a single modest exercise session.

This article shares the “feel good” benefits of exercise that keep me coming back for more, along with a few scientific tidbits and practical tips.