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Middle Eastern Bulgar Chickpea Salad

This colourful salad, built around fluffy bulgar and creamy chickpeas, makes for a tasty light meal or potluck contribution. It’s …

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Move Over Fried Rice Here Comes Quinoa

My family’s love for quinoa inspired me to create a quinoa version of our Family Fried Rice. It was a success! This …

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Pretty in Pink Pasta

Thanks to cashew cream, even those of us who avoid dairy can still have rich and creamy pasta. Better yet, …

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Flexi Beans and Rice

It’s hard to beat rice and beans for a simple, nourishing, meal for the whole family.  I love the fact …

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Savoury Soba Noodles

Ever since we added soba noodles to our repertoire of family recipes, I have become quite the soba evangelist. They …

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Family Fried Rice

  This is a much healthier take on traditional fried rice. We amp up the veggies, dial down the oil, …

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