Cashew Milk or Cream

Cashew milk ingredients

Cashew cream / cashew milk is a my new favourite alternative to dairy milk. It’s creamy, delicious, and versatile. It’s also super easy to make, provided you have a decent blender. Use it in coffee, tea, in soups, pasta sauces, with berries… The sky’s the limit!


  • Cashews (RAW)
  • Water
  • Date (optional)
  • Vanilla extract (optional)

1. Soak cashews in as much water as you choose (see note below)
2. Put cashews and water in blender
3. Add vanilla and /or date if desired (don’t forget to remove pit!!)
4. Blend (need a good blender)
5. Yum!!

How much water?

  • For milk, I use 1/2 cup cashews to 1 cup water
  • For cream, barely cover the cashews with water (or a tad less).

To soak or not to soak?
I confess I sometimes skip this step but others swear by it. Can be a few hours in cold water or 20 min in boiling water.

Dates or no dates?

If you want to match sweetness of cow milk you will need to add 1-2 per cup (cow milk has 12 grams sugar per cup!). I don’t usually add any.


(this stuff is not light!)

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