The Inside Scoop on Allergies

Dive into the world of allergies with Dr. Samira Jeimy, an allergist and clinical immunologist. 
In her day job, Dr. Jeimy helps families prevent and manage all sorts of allergies, from drugs and vaccines, to chronic hives, to common foods allergens like peanuts and milk. On the side, she posts science-based tidbits on social media to help the public understand what allergies are, and what they are not.
In this episode we discuss:
  • Biology: What causes allergies? What happens inside an allergic person?
  • Prevention: How can we prevent allergies allergies? Should potential allergens, like peanuts, be introduced early (spoiler, yes!).
  • Testing: How do allergists tests for allergies? Which allergy tests are NOT validated, yet commonly sold to the public?
  • Myths and misconceptions: How is the term allergy misused and misunderstood?
  • Awareness: How can all of us practice allergy awareness?
Dr. Jeimy is Assistant Professor and Program Director for the Division of Clinical Immunology and Allergy at Western University, in Ontario, Canada