Hormone Health: Science vs Misinformation

Learn about the science of hormone health, with Dr. Eve Bloomgarden, a board-certified endocrinologist and misinformation slayer. 

Dr. Bloomgarden has expertise in thyroid health, pituitary disorders, and metabolic bone disease and has been working as a physician and educator for nearly a decade at Northwestern University. She will soon be transitioning to Director of Thyroid at the NorthShore University HealthSystem.

This episode covers a lot of ground, from what hormones are, to the definition of hormone health, to how our hormones change, from minute to minute and throughout our lives. Dr. Bloomgarden also shares valuable advice on what NOT to buy. She explains why it’s vital to proceed with great caution when it comes to unregulated supplements and tests. 

Dr. Bloomgarden is also a passionate science communicator who plays a leadership role in two science outreach non-profits, IMPACT, a volunteer coalition of healthcare professionals centered in Chicago and the Women in Medicine Summit.