Immunology 101 & Supporting Your Immune Health

Join me to learn about your immune system with Dr. Liz Marnik, a scientist, professor, and passionate science communicator.
In this episode, Dr. Marnik sheds light on how our immune systems work, and what we can do to keep them in tip top shape. We also talk about immune health myths and misinformation, and why we should be skeptical of “immune boosting” and “anti-inflammatory” claims.
Dr. Marnik has a PhD in genetics/immunology and is an assistant professor of Molecular Biochemistry at Husson University, in Maine. She is also very active on social media and Substack, where she writes about COVID-19, vaccines, and other immunology topics.
Dr. Liz Marnik and Dr. Chana Davis (host) met through the unofficial “Nerdy Neighbourhood” – a group of clinicians, researchers, and public health experts dedicated to reaching the public with practical, digestible, science-based, information. 
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