Genetics 101 & Consumer Genetic Testing

Join two geneticists to learn about your genes and direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Dr. Alex Dainis and Dr. Chana Davis both have PhDs in human genetics and are passionate about spreading their love of science.
In this episode, we describe how our DNA makes us who we are, and explain basic concepts including genes, variants, transcripts and phenotypes. We also discuss the pros and cons of consumer genetic testing, including the way that genetic risks are often misinterpreted. Last but not least, we share how our scientific backgrounds shape the way we navigate the world, and why it’s important to view science as a process, not a set of facts.
Dr. Alex Dainis earned her PhD in genetics at Stanford University and is currently a freelance science communicator and video producer. Her successful social media channels bring biology, chemistry, and genetics to over 125,000 followers world-wide.
Note: For professional help with a genetic medical condition, consult your physician and/or a genetic counsellor.
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