Four Good Reasons to Embrace Soy (Not Just for Hippie Vegans)

Glory bowl from Whitewater Cooks.

Whenever someone tells me that they avoid soy, I cringe. Why? Because they are missing out — not just tastewise, but also nutritionally and environmentally.

Soy may actually be worthy of the label ‘superfood’!

If you are allergic to soy, there’s not much I can offer besides my condolences. However, if you are afraid that soy may cause breast cancer, or give you man-boobs, I strongly encourage you to educate yourself on soy safety. Stay tuned for the whole story in my upcoming article: Cure Your Soyaphobia with the Latest Science on Soy Safety.

This article showcases soy’s many winning features. Soy-based foods are delicious, versatile, affordable, and exceptionally nutritious. Their environmental footprint is dramatically smaller than that of meat. Last but not least, they are wallet-friendly.

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