Protein Primer Part 2

They say that you are what you eat. Is this true?

Is Andrew ‘Spud Fit’ Taylor, who dined exclusively on potatoes for a year, doomed to morph into Mr. Potato Head?

You may laugh, but the reality is I often see people behave in a way that suggests they take this saying too literally. Bodybuilders cram as much protein into themselves as they can, hoping to build more muscle. Fat-o-phobes stay away from fat assuming this is the surest way to gain fat.

The biological reality is much more complex than this.

This article tackles one piece of the puzzle, focusing solely on proteins. We will follow the proteins in your food or supplement and see how they end up woven into the fabric of your body.

This journey will prime you to understand what your protein needs are, how to meet them, and how to navigate the sea of protein-boasting products.

This article covers:

  • What Is a Protein?

  • The Journey From Bite to Bicep

  • Inside Your Cells: How Proteins Are Built

  • How Your Body Decides Which Proteins to Make

  • Speaking Your Body’s Language

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