Diet & Depression: Beyond the Headlines

Join nutrition scientist Megan Lee and host Dr. Chana Davis for a conversation about the link between food and mental health, with a focus on depression.
Megan Lee is a Senior Teaching Fellow and researcher at Bond University in Australia. She has a Bachelor in Psychology and is on the cusp of completing her PhD in Nutritional Psychiatry. Throughout her career, she has published research on food and mood, body image, disordered eating, and more.
In this episode, Megan gives an overview of what we know, and what we don’t know, about the link between diet and depression. She also sheds light on the murky relationship between depression and vegan / vegetarian / plant-based diets, a topic that she is actively researching.
As always, this episode takes you behind the scenes to see how science is done and helps you navigate health headlines with confidence – and skepticism.
Connect with Megan Lee on Twitter @meganleephd or her website:


Plant-based dietary quality and depressive symptoms in Australian vegans and vegetarians: a cross-sectional study