Your Urinary Tract: Norms, Problems, and Solutions

Join us for a candid conversation about your urinary tract or “human plumbing” with Dr Kelly Casperson, a board-certified urologist who is passionate about empowering people to take care of their bodies.
Urinary tract issues are incredibly common, yet rarely discussed. Dr. Casperson sheds light on “normal” urinary tract function and what can go wrong, including UTIs and incontinence. We also discuss potential solutions, including bladder training, pelvic therapy, and medical interventions.
This episode is the first of a two part conversation with Dr. Casperson. In Part 2, we discuss her book: You Are Not Broken, and the broader topic of sexual wellbeing in women.
Note: This show does not constitute personal medical advice; it provides general advice and resources for those who suffer from urinary tract issues. Always talk to your healthcare provider about your unique situation.
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