Understanding and Treating Obesity

Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford challenges the way we think and talk about obesity. In this episode, she discusses obesity causes, treatments, and how to support loved ones battling this disease.

As a physician specializing in obesity medicine, Dr. Stanford has treated countless children and adults with obesity in her practice at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is an internationally recognized scientist, educator, and policy maker, affiliated with the Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Stanford explains why obesity should be viewed, treated, and talked about as a disease process. She sheds light on why overweight and obesity have become so common, why it’s not as simple as “eat less, move more” and why popular diets rarely offer a solution.

Dr. Stanford holds an MD from the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine, a Master’s in Public Health from Emory University, and a Master’s of Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She completed her Obesity Medicine & Nutrition Fellowship at MGH/HMS after completing her internal medicine and pediatrics residency at the University of South Carolina. She has published several books including Facing Overweight and Obesity: A Complete Guide for Children and Adults.

This episodeĀ is the first of a two part conversation. In part two, we discuss weight stigma and weight bias how we all have roles to play in defeating them.

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