13. The science of COVID-19 vaccine development

Guest: Dr. Galit Alter

12. How your immune system responds to COVID-19

Guest: Dr. Galit Alter

11. What are GMOs?

Guest: Dr. Anastasia Bodnar

10. COVID-19: Know your risk

Guest: Dr. Caroline Buckee

9. Exercise For Better Health: How? Who? When? 

Guest: Dr. Rachele Pojednic

8. How To Be Happier: Science-Based Tips and Insights

Guest: Prof. Elizabeth Dunn

7. Childhood Vaccines: Safety & Effectiveness

Guest: Dr. Yvonne “Bonnie” Maldonado

6. Creating Entertaining Health Education Content

Guest: Dr. Maya Adam

5. COVID-19: Mutations, Testing, & Transmission

Guest: Dr. Bronwyn MacInnis

4. Which Weight Loss Diet Fits Is Best? 

Guest: Dr. Christopher Gardner

3. Toxicology Basics & Healthy Food Choices

Guest: Dr. Alison Bernstein

2. Building a Healthy Gut Microbiome

Guest: Dr. Brett Finlay

1. Intro To Infectious Disease Outbreaks & COVID-19

Guest: Dr. Jennifer Gardy

Dr. Chana Davis’ Career Path: From Genetics Geek to Science Communicator 

Careers That Matter

Beyond the Health Headlines – Boost Your Scientific Literacy 

Conversations That Matter

Faux Meat & Your Health

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