Vitamin B12: Needs and Sources For Vegans and Omnivores

Vitamin B12 is one nutrient you don’t want to mess with. It’s a common issue for vegans, but can also crop up in certain high-risk omnivores. Learn about needs, sources, and testing.

Choosing an Olive Oil

Olive oil is delicious, versatile, and has as a strong health track record. This article guides you through the sea of options, from pricey cold-pressed extra virgin through affordable light olive oil.

Quick Guide to Cooking Oils

There is no one perfect oil to rule them all. The best we can do is learn to find the best oil (or other fat source) to suit our needs, balancing health, taste, price, and performance.

Are Refined Vegetable Oils Toxic?

Do refined vegetable oils deserve their toxic reputation? Learn why oils are refined, and take a balanced look at their pros and cons.

Canola Oil – Healthy or Harmful?

Canola oil was once viewed as very healthy because of its ample unsaturated fat content. Recently, it’s come under heavy attack. Let’s take a balanced look at this popular oil.

Coconut Oil – Healthy or Harmful?

Is coconut oil healthy, harmful, or somewhere in between? Get the science-based scoop, in gorgeous shades of grey!

Fabulous Flax Oil

There is one oil that stands out a head and shoulder above the rest when it comes to serving up healthy fats: flax oil. Learn why and get tips on adding this good stuff into your diet.

The Scoop on Trans Fats

Trans fats are the worst type for your health. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.

Is Butter Back or Not?

Butter has been in and out of the health good books. What does the latest science say about this saturated fat?

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