Dear Scientific American, Vegetables are Not Toxic. Down With Fake News!

According to the Scientific American, “Broccoli Is Dying. Corn Is Toxic”. This article is dead wrong on many levels. Boost your scientific information literacy in this case study of unreliable reporting.

Faux Meat Burgers and Your Health: Facts and Fallacies

Everything you want to know- and more- about the new meatlike veggie burgers. Are they healthy? Are they safe? Do they count as veggies?

Are Refined Vegetable Oils Toxic?

Do refined vegetable oils deserve their toxic reputation? Learn why oils are refined, and take a balanced look at their pros and cons.

Canola Oil – Healthy or Harmful?

Canola oil was once viewed as very healthy because of its ample unsaturated fat content. Recently, it’s come under heavy attack. Let’s take a balanced look at this popular oil.

Coconut Oil – Healthy or Harmful?

Is coconut oil healthy, harmful, or somewhere in between? Get the science-based scoop, in gorgeous shades of grey!

Ruminant Trans Fats Ruminations

Should you worry about ruminant trans fats? These fats are found in red meat (beef, lamb) and dairy products, thanks to ruminant gut bacteria.

The Scoop on Trans Fats

Trans fats are the worst type for your health. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.

How to Critically Examine Food Fads and Fears

Health headlines flip-flop every few years: Cholesterol is evil! Low fat diets are the answer! Butter is back! High fat diets are the answer! Learn how to separate hype from reality.

Three Myths About Organic Food

Your mom was right when she told you to eat your veggies. Around the world, we are failing to heed …

Three Myths About Organic Food Read More »

Soy: To Fear or Not to Fear?

A dear friend of mine, who happens to be a cancer survivor, loves soy lattes, yet is afraid to indulge. …

Soy: To Fear or Not to Fear? Read More »

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