October’s theme is #celebratesavoury​

Hi friends,

I believe that one of the most important, and most challenging, health issues of our time is our obsession with all things sweet.

I’m not just talking about birthday cake. Sugar is everywhere – just check out any snack at recess, open any lunchbox, or browse the ‘healthy snacks’ section of your local grocer. To help families (and anyone, really) with the struggle against sugar immersion, I kicked off my first ‘campaign’ – it’s called “#celebratesavoury”.

The goal of my campaign is to cultivate a taste for savoury foods in ourselves and our children, ultimately making savoury foods a bigger part of our diets. It is well documented that it savoury foods take more tastings to be accepted, but they are well worth the effort.

I will be sharing family-friendly savoury snacks and recipes, as well as ‘tidbits’ about the science of taste on Instagram and Facebook.

How to participate:

  • Take the savoury snack challenge: Pick a meal (such as snacktime) that is usually sweet, and try swapping out various savoury options for a full week.  Chances are you will find at least one new addition to your repertoire.
  • Instagram: Share your own candid shots and favourite savoury foods – hashtag #celebratesavoury and @fueledbyscience
  • Facebook: Respond on my page to one of my celebrate savoury posts with your own pics and experiences.

Note: I’d like to keep this campaign vegetarian to be consistent with my pro-plants mission.