“First we eat, then we do everything else.” -M.F.K. Fisher

 1. Get the facts!

Learn about the art and science of healthy eating here and on

  • Find out what it means to “eat healthy” according to the latest research.
  • Find out how to meet your needs on a plant-based / meatless diets (for adults and kids).
  • Become a smarter consumer of health news and products, cutting through the hype and fear.
  • Hack like a scientist and figure out what actually works for you.
Glory Bowl (credit Whitewater cooks)

2. Get cooking!

My favourite meal is a salad the size of my head, but I know this is not for everyone!

Check out my recipes here.

  • Always simple, healthy, delicious, and plant-based / meat-free.
  • Most are kid-friendly.

3. Get personal

  • Contact me to discuss your personal or business needs. You can’t beat live, interactive learning.